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Ad Hoc Committee On Women And Homelessness Releases Report And Recommendations

August 25, 2017 | 3,683 total views

Los Angeles, CA (August 25, 2017) – The final report and recommendations from the Ad Hoc Committee on Women and Homelessness was approved today by the LAHSA Commission. Created by the LAHSA Commission last fall, the committee was formed to address the growing numbers of women experiencing homelessness across Los Angeles County.

The report consists of key findings as well as recommendations centered around five categories: (1) data and reporting, (2) training and capacity building, (3) funding, (4) service delivery, and (5) advocacy and policy development. Recommendations include requiring interim housing to provide feminine hygiene needs, including people with lived experience as part of trainings, and requiring trauma-informed services in all contracts.

The recommendations can be explored in detail by viewing the report at the following link:


The committee was comprised of service providers, advocates, thought leaders in the field, people with lived experience of homelessness, and government representatives. The committee held eight monthly meetings focusing on understanding and addressing the needs of women within the homeless crisis response system.

I’m tremendously proud of the committee members for their contributions to this landmark document.

Wendy Greuel

"Combining vivid personal stories and expert analysis, this report offers providers, local government, and elected officials with the guidance they need to reverse the rise in the number of women experiencing homelessness,” said Wendy Greuel, chair of the ad hoc committee and vice chair of the LAHSA Commission. “I’m tremendously proud of the committee members for their contributions to this landmark document."

"The report is the culmination of months of analysis and discussion by the Ad Hoc Committee on Women and Homelessness,” said LAHSA Policy and Planning Director Sarah Mahin. “We look forward to sharing the recommendations with our City, County and other partner organizations so we can continue implementing changes that will ensure that the unique needs of women experiencing homelessness are addressed."

The committee was comprised of Wendy Greuel, Sarah Dusseault, Chancela Al-Mansour, Becky Dennison, Elizabeth Eastlund, Maria Funk, Silvia Hernandez, Drian Juarez, Veronica Lewis, Shamāiah Manriquez, Christine Margiotta, Anne Miskey, Alisa Orduna, Jessica Postigo, Molly Rysman, Amanda Sadra, Amiyoko Shabazz, Cheri Todoroff and Dhakshike Wickrema.

LAHSA Policy and Planning Director Sarah Mahin provided support along with LAHSA staff members Eileen Bryson, Erin Cox and Jessica Reed.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority is a joint powers authority of the City and County of Los Angeles, created in 1993 to address the problems of homelessness in Los Angeles County. LAHSA is the lead agency in the HUD-funded Los Angeles Continuum of Care, and coordinates and manages more than $243 million annually in federal, state, county and city funds for programs providing shelter, housing and services to homeless persons. For more information visit www.lahsa.org.


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