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LAHSA is committed to building the capacity of the homeless services industry. We believe that by strengthening the homeless service workforce at an organizational level, providers will be able to improve and enhance the services offered to our homeless neighbors. 



Hiring Support

Need assistance recruiting qualified professionals? Learn how LAHSA can help! Email Capacitybuilding@lahsa.org for more information on how to connect with a recruiter.


Centralized Training Academy

Looking for training and education opportunities? Search for a topic, create an account, and start learning!


Technical Assistance

Need help strengthening operational infrastructure? Apply for a technical assistance grant!

LAHSA is working with temporary recruiters to assist with identifying qualified professionals to fill critical staff positions at community-based organizations. To learn more, please email capacitybuilding@lahsa.org.

To increase exposure to jobs currently available across the County, LAHSA has restructured its job opportunities page linking to employment opportunities available at community-based organizations. Visit the job opportunities page to view existing opportunities. 

Beginning July 1, if you are registered as an administrative user in MyOrg, please log in to add your agency’s information. Simply update your Org Profile in MyOrg, and your agency’s link will be automatically added.

As a result of the historic passage of Measure H in Los Angeles County to combat homelessness, training has never been more essential. The Centralized Training Academy is a Countywide training and education resource that provides consistent access to training opportunities in a number of areas relevant to staff working in the homeless services industry. 

To register for a training listed below, please click here: https://lahsa.configio.com

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA)

Currently in development is an ADA training that will cover a wide variety of ADA and other disability-related topics that serve as an introduction to the responsibilities of LAHSA and LAHSA-funded entities and provides specific guidance on ‘Hot Topic’ areas that are the most critical to address. It will provide an overall understanding of what to look for in determining whether a facility is functionally accessible as well as identifying areas of concern to bring to the attention of the agency's ADA Coordinator. Other topics will include: Service and other Assistance Animal issues, ADA compliance, Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications of Policy, Usability, Effective Communication, Disability Etiquette, Disability, and ADA Policy and much more is covered in the training designed to empower LAHSA staff and LAHSA-funded entities to achieve success in serving the population of Los Angelinos experiencing homelessness. Once this training is made available, it will appear in configio.

Direct Service Training

Homeless Health Care Los Angeles (HHCLA) is excited to take part in LAHSA’s Centralized Training Academy. Courses are available for entry-level, mid-level, and supervisory staff in the homeless services sector. This initiative is truly unique as there are very few training programs in Los Angeles County that cater specifically to staff in homeless services and no training programs that offer a sequential, three-tiered curriculum designed for staff of all levels within the sector. This initiative offers the added benefit of taking a field-based approach to training, wherein HHCLA trainers travel to all 8 Service Planning Areas in LA county to educate homeless services staff on topics, resources, evidence-based practices and care coordination relevant to the homeless residents of their communities.

To view the existing curriculum, please click here.


LAHSA's policy team develops system and program level guidance and policies that respond to and integrate best practices in order to drive systemic change within local, state, and federal approaches to ending homelessness.

Learn more about current policies and their impact on direct service providers and the homeless services delivery system through available webinars and trainings.

Program Implementation

LAHSA offers two main program implementation components that extend support to our funded Rapid Re-housing providers. These supports are provided through Rapid Re-housing (RRH) Boot Camps and Learning Communities.

Rapid Re-housing Boot Camps are trainings that provide direct line staff who are new and experienced staff to participate in an interactive two-day training that will cover Rapid Re-housing basics. These RRH “boot camps” offer an opportunity for those administering Rapid Re-housing programs to learn different methods and strategies in applying best practices.

Rapid Re-housing Learning Communities come in two forms, one specifically for program management staff and another for direct line staff. Learning Communities are intended for Rapid Re-housing providers to engage in peer-to-peer learning and share best practices. This is an opportunity for Rapid Re-housing providers to support each other in their work and collectively address challenges faced in Rapid Re-housing programs.


To learn more about how to access training on the CES Triage Tools, please email capacitybuilding@lahsa.org


The HMIS Training Team currently offers training on the Homeless Management Information System in both live instructor-led and online formats. HMIS Basic Navigation Training includes a total of two courses: HMIS 10 covering the policies and procedures of the system as well as HMIS 100, a course that provides an in-depth walkthrough of data entry workflow in HMIS. The HMIS 150 Housing vacancy online course is also available for users that would like to learn how to enter housing resources in MyOrg. The HMIS Training team is in the process of developing a series of online learning modules that cover topics from HMIS Training on specific Program Types to more in-depth courses on the CES triage tools.

The Capacity Building Request for Proposals (RFP) is supported by United Way’s Home For Good Funders Collaborative (Funders Collaborative) and LAHSA. Through this RFP, non-profit homeless service providers and developers in Los Angeles County can apply for funding to strengthen their operational infrastructure and internal processes. The overall goal of capacity building is to help organizations enhance the quality of service delivery to unhoused individuals in the community and progress towards achieving their mission.

Organizations may apply for either Assessment or Implementation & One-Time Infrastructure depending on the unique needs and goals of the organization. Please see the Find Your Fit chart and the Capacity Building Information Packet to help you figure out where to get started with this capacity building opportunity!