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Connecting LA to Housing Solutions

The Los Angeles County Coordinated Entry System (CES) is the network that aligns homeless services in the County together to ensure that resources are efficiently and equitably distributed to support people experiencing homelesness.

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Homelessness in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles (LA) County is home to an estimated 10 million people, a population larger than the entire State of North Carolina. Because of LA’s large population, the numbers regarding homelessness in Los Angeles are large as well. The roots of homelessness in LA County stem from low housing supply, systemic racism, and income inequality, all of which contribute to the County’s homeless population of 63,706 people.

LA needs 509,000 new affordable housing units to meet current demand (CA Housing Partnership 2020 report).

Though new properties are being built every day, the rents in those new units are often out of reach for the average Angeleno.

Systemic racism leads to a disproportionate number of black folks becoming homeless in LA County, where 8% of the overall population is black, but black people represent 34% of those experiencing homelessness.

Historically, redlining and other racist practices have led to disinvestment in black communities over many years, leading to disparities in education, health care, and employment.

Wages have not kept pace with rents. Renters in LA County need to earn at least $41.96 per hour — 2.8 times the City of LA minimum wage — to afford the average monthly asking rent of $2,182.

On a given night, around 63,000 people experience homelesness in LA County

The Coordinated Entry System

To assist the large volume of people experiencing homelessness in LA County, the Coordinated Entry System (CES) was established to connect people experiencing a housing crisis to resources and housing in the most efficient and equitable way. CES helps people who are vulnerable to housing resources as quickly as possible.

CES serves as the organizational backbone of homeless services and helps providers work in a similar manner to make the experience of connecting people to solutions as quickly as possible.

Learn more about CES here.

On a monthly average, CES serves homeless individuals and families through the following interactions:

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