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LAHSA Winter Shelter Program List (English)
Food And Grocery Programs In Los Angeles County By Service Planning Area
LAHSA Interim Housing List
Hygiene Services Locations
Covid-19 Provider Hotline Faqs
Updated CES Access Center Directory
Homeless Prevention Assistance Flyer
CES Access Point Directory
Covid-19 Enhanced Risk Service Delivery In The Los Angeles Continuum Of Care
Premium Pay For Het Members During Covid-19
2019 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count Presentation
Covid-19 Enhanced Risk Approved Policy
Preparing For Covid-19 In Congregate/Communal Settings
Dph Guidance For Homeless Shelters
Covid-19 And Street Outreach: A Quick Guide To Keeping Safe And Delivering Care
Covid-19 & Personal Protective Equipment: Interim Guidance
Form 1448 - Self-Certification Of Homeless Status
Community Resource List By SPA
Dph Guidance For Homeless Service Agencies And Outreach Teams
Coordinated Entry System Leadership Contact List