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Details to Know

First Fome First Served

LAHSA funds many beds that serve specific populations which may affect eligibility


Contact program to learn how to best connect an individual to a bed

Bed Accomodations

Please ensure that you are asking about access issues when working with clients who may have difficulty utilizing a top bunk.


While shelters are designed to be low barrier, shelters are not always an appropriate placement. Clients must be able to take care of their own ADLs and must be free from communicable diseases (i.e. TB).

Other Information

Pets (System Policy)

Please be advised that not all shelters accept pets so please contact the program to inquire about their pet policy

Lengths of Stay

Length of stay is generally 30 days however, this may vary depending on the program and eligibility requirements.

Winter Shelters

Winter Shelters are establsihed anually to address the basic shelter and service needs of homeless persons during the winter. Please visit our Winter Shelter page or call the Winter Shelter Hotline at (800) 548-6047.

 Accuracy of vacancies

Information may not be up to date given the number of individuals experiencing homelessness across LA and the limited number of beds. Thus, please make sure to call the shelter in advance to ensure that the referred client meets eligibility, availability, and that the program will meet the client’s needs.

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