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Manage Requests

for SPA Coordinators

From the Request List View, you can click on the summary outreach request to access and begin processing the full request.  

The full request includes the following:

Map and location: Here you will find a map showing the location of the request, the physical address of the request, as well as badges indicating the Service Planning Area (SPA), Supervisory District (SD), Council District (CD), LAPD Bureau and Division as appropriate.   You can also click the ‘Directions’ button to take you directly to a Google Map view. 

Request details: All information provided by the individual making the request is also displayed here.  This includes number of people at the location, any documented needs, and who submitted the request (if provided). 

Reported by: If the requestor provided their name and contact information, it will be displayed in the ‘Reported By’ section.  While this is not mandatory, we do ask that they select what type of requestor they consider themselves (e.g., concerned citizen, first responder, business owner). If the requestor provided their contact details, these will also be listed.

Manage requests

Incoming requests will automatically be assigned to the appropriate SPA Outreach Coordinator based on the request’s geo-location information.  SPA Outreach Coordinators will click on unassigned requests, assign them to the most appropriate outreach team operating within their SPA, and assign the priority of the request.  Note that all outreach teams assigned to the SPA will show up in the SPA Outreach Coordinator’s dropdown list as long as a team profile was created in LA-HOP.

SPA Coordinators: Click ‘Unassigned’ ticket

Assign priority via the toggle button and assign to a team via the drop down box.

After assigning a request to a team, it will be automatically logged in the Notes Section.  You can also add your own notes for the team you assigned.


Post Deployment Survey Status

Closed: An outreach request is automatically closed when contact was made and teams agree to continue to serve the person/location. This and subsequent visits and the services/referrals provided should also be logged in HMIS if contact was made with individuals at the location.

Active: A request will remain “Active” if the team states in the Post-Deployment Survey that contact was NOT made, but they will attempt to contact again. Team members should update the survey after they re-attempt contact.

Flagged for review: A request is flagged for review by the SPA Outreach Coordinator and Team Lead when contact is NOT made and team will NOT attempt to contact again.  Team leads and Coordinators will need to determine if the reasons for non-contact are warranted…and if so, SPA Outreach Coordinators will manually close the request (see below).

Requests that have been flagged for review or tickets that are deemed duplicative or potentially dangerous can be manually closed by SPA Outreach Coordinators only.  Requests that are closed in this manner will be flagged as ‘Closed – Manually’. Specify reason why ticket was closed manually, and click ‘Close.'



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