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Introduction to LA-HOP

Welcome to the LA County Homeless Outreach Portal

Welcome to the Los Angeles County Homeless Outreach Portal (LA-HOP)!  This County-wide, web-based portal was designed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) in close collaboration with the Los Angeles County Health Agency and our broader outreach family to:

(1) ensure constituents can easily submit requests for homeless outreach

(2) educate our community about what outreach teams can and can’t do and;

(3) support the unique needs of outreach teams to respond to these requests.

We are grateful for Measure H, which supported the development of LAHOP.


A few important things about LA-HOP:

• LA-HOP is designed to seamlessly route outreach requests to the most appropriate team and track the fulfillment of these requests.  LA-HOP does NOT replace LAHSA’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS); as such, all contact, client engagement and service/referral data should continue to be entered into HMIS.

• LA-HOP’s request routing and tracking system is designed exclusively for Outreach Coordinators, Outreach Supervisors, and Outreach Team Members.  In light of this, access to LA-HOP’s back-end system is limited to only outreach workers that have access to LAHSA’s MyOrg environment. 

• LA-HOP is mobile-friendly and can be used on smart phones, tablets, laptop computers, etc.

• Keeping your user and team profiles up-to-date is critical to the success of the system.  As new team members join teams, old members leave, promotions occur, qualifications change, team geography and capacity changes, please update your team and user profiles accordingly as soon as possible.

• Responding to outreach requests in a timely manner is appreciated. It is suggested that teams visit the requested person/area within 72-hours. High priority requests should be handled within 24-hours, if possible.  Updating the post-deployment information within 24-hours of visit is requested.   

• We prefer requests for outreach are submitted via the portal as we want constituents to read the “Learn More” section before they submit a request.  However, if a constituent doesn’t have access to a computer or smartphone, they can call in their outreach request via 211 (who will then enter requests into LA-HOP).

• If you have questions, comments or technical issues with LA-HOP, please contact your SPA’s Outreach Coordinator. Check the list below if you do not know who that is. 


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