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LA-HOP Quick Start Guide

LA-HOP Roles for Outreach

Who are SPA Outreach Coordinators? Each SPA has up to three SPA-level Outreach Coordinators. He or she receives and reviews all outreach requests for their SPA and assigns requests to the most appropriate outreach team (via the Team Lead).

Who are Team Leads? These are usually outreach supervisors or designees.  He or she accepts the outreach requests assigned to their team; he or she then assigns these requests to specific members of his or her team.

Who are Team Members? These are the outreach team members who perform outreach and fulfill outreach requests.  They receive and accept requests from their Team Lead and fill out the post-deployment questionnaire after they visit the person/location in need.

Setting up Teams in LA-HOP

Step 1:
Who? SPA Outreach Coordinators:  • Sign up for a LAHSA MyOrg Account • Creates Basic Outreach Team Profile Shell  • Invites Team Lead to join LA-HOP • Assigns Team Lead Role (Important! Team Lead Role must be assigned for this to work)

Step 2: 
Who? Team Leads:  • Sign up for a LAHSA MyOrg Account • Accepts Invite from SPA Outreach Coordinator • Fills out Team Profile • Fills out their User Profile • Invites their Team Members to the Team • Assigns Team Member Roles (Important! Team Member Roles must be assigned for this to work)

Step 3:
Who? Team Members: • Sign up for a LAHSA MyOrg Account • Accepts Invite from Team Lead • Fills Out their User Profile


Managing an Outreach Request

Step 1:
Who? SPA Outreach Coordinators:  • Receives outreach request from the constituent • Reviews outreach request details, assigns a priority level to the request, and adds any notes  • Assigns request to an outreach team who serves that area/population via the Team Lead

Step 2:
Who? Team Leads:  • Receives the outreach request from SPA Outreach Coordinator • Accepts request and notes estimated deployment date* • Assigns request to appropriate team members  • Adds any notes to the request

Step 3:
Who? Team Members:  • Receives outreach request from Team Lead • Accepts request** • Fills out post-deployment questions once client(s)/location is visited*** • Adds any notes to the request

*If a team cannot fulfill the request, the reason should be noted.  The request will then be automatically routed back to the SPA Coordinator for follow-up or assignment to another team.  
** If the assigned team members cannot accept the request, the Team Lead should assign the request to other team members. If this is not possible, the Lead should un-accept the request for re-assignment by the SPA coordinator.
*** In cases where contact was not made, certain scenarios will flag the request for follow-up by the SPA Coordinator.

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