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E-Mail Domains

Validating users

We ask every organization to provide an approved email domain.  This is to ensure that only users from your organization are allowed to register and do business with LAHSA.

Users that sign in to the sytem will always be validated with the current list of approved email domains.

Multiple domains

Your organization is allowed to have multiple approved domains in your profile.  You can only add one at registration.  If you wish to have more, please visit your Org Profile > Settings to update the email domain list.

Commercial email domains

At this time, commercial emails are allowed to be used as an approved domain (gmail.com, live.com, aol.com), it should be noted that this is a security risk. By providing a commercial domain in your profile, you are allowing anyone with that commercial domain to create an account under your organization.


Organization Domain Email Can Register?
ACME Inc acme.org Sample-employee-name@acme.org Yes
unknown-person@gmail.com No
ABC Company gmail.com sample-employee-name@gmail.com Yes
unknown-person@gmail.com Yes


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