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Creating An Organization Profile

Before You Begin

Tax ID

All organizations registering with the LAHSA website must provide a TAX ID number.  This helps prevent duplicate accounts, and ensures security. You must have your organizaton's tax ID number ready when registering.

Please Note:

LAHSA validates TAXID numbers from time to time. Invalid numbers are removed from the system and organizations will be asked to provide a valid one.

Email Domain

For added security, you must add an email domain to your organization's profile. This feature will allow only your staff with the same email domain to register with your organization while excluding the rest.

See:E-mail Domains

Default Permissions

The first two users of the organization will be given Admin level permissions by default.  Every user after that will be given Member level permissions by default.  Permissions can be changed at any time by the administrator at the organization or by LAHSA staff (under limited circumstances).

See: permission Level Matrix

Creating an Account

  1. Click on Sign In
  2. Click on Create Account
  3. Enter your name and work email address
  4. Next to 'Don't have an account?' Click on Create one +
  5. Complete the setup form for both your organzation and your own user profile
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