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Set up MyOrg and Invite Team Leads

It’s time to start setting things up to access LA-HOP.  And the first step is ensuring you have a MyOrg account with LAHSA.

If you DO NOT have a MyOrg Account, you’ll need to create one.  It’s easy!

• Go to www.lahsa.org > Providers Tab > and click MyOrg

• Click on Green ‘Create Account’ button

• Find the organization that you work for (e.g., PATH, LA Family Housing) and select it

• Then set up your personal profile by filling out the fields and click ‘Create Account’

• Once you have a MyOrg Account, Outreach Coordinators and/or Team Leads will be able to invite you to join LA-HOP.
Please note that:

• MyOrg email confirmation is sent to your agency email address.  You must use this email to gain access to MyOrg and LA-HOP.   • If your agency is not enrolled in MyOrg, you will unfortunately not be able to use LA-HOP.


Now that you have a MyOrg Account, it’s time to start the invite process.  
As this is a ‘closed system’ and security is important, we have safeguards to ensure that only outreach entities that have access to MyOrg can gain access to the administrative areas of LA-HOP.  This is done via an ‘invite only’ system that is administered by SPA Outreach Coordinators and Outreach Team Leads.

SPA Coordinators are in charge of inviting a Team Lead to join LA-HOP.  The process for Outreach Coordinators to invite Team Leads is as follows:

• First, SPA Outreach Coordinators must invite Team Leads.  This will then allow Team Leads to set up their team profiles and invite their team members (Users) to join the team. 

• To invite Team Leads, Coordinators will need to go to the ‘People’ tab, search for the Team Lead they wish to invite and click ‘Invite’.  An email confirmation will be sent to the selected user to join LA-HOP.

* Note that if this individual cannot be found, it means they do not have a MyOrg account and should be prompted to set one up.

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