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State Legislation Related to Housing and Homelessness






2021SB 731Sunsetting Criminal RecordsSen. Maria Elena Durazo (SD-24)Establishes a comprehensive process for automatic seaing of arrest records and phased relief of select conviction records.Held in CommitteeSupport
2021SB 678Unaccompanied Women Experiencing HomelessnessSen. Susan Rubio (SD-22)Ensures that statewide action on homelessness account for the needs of unaccompanied women.Held in CommitteeSupport
2021SB 424California Homeless Hiring Tax CreditSen. Maria Elena Durazo (SD-24)Establishes an employer tax credit to support employment opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness. Companion bill to AB 675 (Bloom)Held in CommitteeSupport
2021ACA 1Voter ThresholdsAsm. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (AD-4)Proposes an amendment to lower the voter threshold from two-thirds to 55 percent for local obligation bonds and special taxes to fund affordable and supportive housing.In Assembly Policy CommitteeSupport
2021AB 854Ellis Act ReformAsm. Alex Lee (AD-25)Establishes a five-year holding period before residential landlords may use the Ellis Act to withdraw units from the rental market. In Assembly Fiscal CommitteeSupport
2021AB 771Drivers License Renewal Fee WaiverAsm. Steve Bennett (AD-37)Waives the California state drivers license renewal fee for persons experiencing homelessness. Held in CommitteeSupport
2021AB 717Identification CardsAsm. Mark Stone (AD-29)Provides government-issued identification to all individuals released from state incarceration.Held in CommitteeSupport
2021AB 71Bring California Home FundAsm. Luz Rivas (AD-39)Establishes permanent state funding for local responses to homelessnessHeld at Request of AuthorSupport
2021AB 675California Homeless Hiring Tax CreditAsm. Richard Bloom (AD-50)Establishes an employer tax credit to support employment opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness. Companion bill to SB 424 (Durazo)Held in CommitteeSupport
2021AB 369Medi-Cal for People Experiencing HomelessnessSen. Sydney Kamlager (SD-30)Establishes presumptive Medi-Cal eligibility for people experiencing homelessness; requires Medi-Cal reimbursement for street medicine services and other healthcare treatment provided by a Medi-Cal provider outside of traditional clinics settings.Vetoed by GovernorSupport