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State Legislation Related to Housing and Homelessness






2023SB 4 Affordable Housing on Faith Lands ActSen. Wiener (SD-11)Would make building affordable housing easier, faster, and more cost efficient on land owned by faith-based institutions and nonprofit colleges.In Assembly Policy CommitteeSupport
2023SB 37Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities Housing Stability Act Sen. Caballero (SD-14)Would prevent and end homelessness among tens of thousands of older adults and people living with disabilities.Held in CommitteeSupport
2023SB 336State Grant Programs: Negotiated Cost Rate Agreements Sen. Umberg (SB-34)Ensures that nonprofits are fairly compensated by the state for the full cost of providing services funded by state grants and reimbursing any additional indirect costs. In Assembly Policy CommitteeSupport
2023SB 227Excluded Workers ProgramSen. Durazo (SD-26)Provide unemployment benefits to workers who are ineligible to receive regular unemployment insurance solely due to their immigration status.In Assembly Policy CommitteeSupport
2023SB 225 Community Anti-Displacement and Preservation ProgramSen. Caballero (SD-14)Prevent displacement and homelessness by financing the acquisition of currently unsubsidized rental housing and preserving it as affordable, while stabilizing current residents.In Assembly Policy CommitteeSupport
2023AB 875Eviction Data RecordsAsm. Gabriel (AD-46)Require County courts to report more uniform unlawful detainer (UD) case filing data.In Senate Policy CommitteeSupport
2023AB 785Los Angeles CEQA ExemptionsAsm. Santiago (AD-54)Expand the scope of Los Angeles CEQA exemptions already in place for emergency shelters and supportive housing projects to also include affordable housing and transitional housing projects.In Senate Policy CommitteeSupport
2023AB 745Reentry Housing and Workforce Development ProgramAsm. Bryan (AD-55)Funds evidence-based housing, support services, and workforce development programs for people who were formerly incarcerated in state prisons and are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness.Held in CommitteeSupport
2023AB 653Federal Housing Voucher Acceleration ProgramAsm. Reyes (AD-50)Accelerate voucher utilization by requiring housing authorities to apply evidence-based tools. In Senate Policy CommitteeSupport
2023AB 590State-Funded Assistance Grants and Contracts: Advance PaymentsAsm. Hart (AD-37)Prioritize advance payments for nonprofits serving disadvantaged, low-income, and under-resourced communities to ensure all nonprofits have fair and equitable access to state grants and contracts. In Senate Policy CommitteeSupport