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Fy 24-25 Base Agreements

May 07, 2024 | May 14, 2024 | 795 total views
  1. Exhibit B Conditions Precedent (2024)
  2. Exhibit C Appendix 1 – Advance Payments 
  3. Exhibit E Definitions 
  4. Exhibit G LAHSA Homeless Programs Grievance Resolution Appeal Form
  5. Exhibit I LAHSA Contractor’s Accounting Handbook 
  6. Exhibit J Safe Surrender Baby Law 
  7. Exhibit K Contractor’s Equal Employment Opportunity Certification
  8. Exhibit M Participant Termination and Grievance Policies and Procedures 
  9. Exhibit U Housing Protections Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in the Los Angeles Continuum of Care 
  10. Exhibit V Equal Access Policy 
  11. Exhibit W LAHSA Facility Standards 
  12. Exhibit X LAHSA Program Standards 
  13. Exhibit Y LAHSA’s Subrecipient Contract, Amendment, Modification or Waiver Form 
  14. Exhibit Z Fraud Hotline Fact Sheet