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Youth CES Welcome & Resources

November 30, 2023 | January 31, 2024 | 783 total views

Hello! Welcome to the Youth Coordinated Entry System. This page is here to give you resources for housing opportunities as well as provide some helpful information.

To stay aware of any housing resources or opportunities, please subscribe to the Youth Resource Notification emailing list

On any given night, LA City and County have thousands of youth and young adults experiencing homelessness. There is a limited amount of resources, such as housing vouchers, that are available. While certain resources are not a guarantee, below are some options for a faster exit from homelessness.


This page is also to encourage you that housing opportunities may look different depending on your plans. Do you want to go to school or learn a skill or trade but want to hold off until your housed? Some programs exist where you can learn and have free or low-cost housing.


As a tip, many youth report being housed faster if they are open to a shared housing situation. Shared housing does not have to be one’s “forever” but it typically is a way to get into a safer situation and provide stability towards having a place of your own.

Here a few resources for shared housing options:

 collaborative housing – SHARE! the Self-Help And Recovery Exchange (shareselfhelp.org)

GR Housing Subsidy and Case Management Program (lacounty.gov)


The following programs were specifically created for 18–24-year-olds, develop career/job skills, and provide housing. Some of these programs are in the LA county area and others you are free to choose from locations across the United States. Several of these programs will provide free travel if you wish to re-locate to one of these programs in another area.


Lastly, experiencing homelessness can ignite a range of emotions within us from fear to sadness. You are not alone. If at any point you want to chat or text please do not hesitate to reach out to some of the available resources.


Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs) Through CES
Higher Education Homeless Work Group
Problem-Solved: Rafael's Journey Home
LAHSA-Administered Safe Parking Sites in Los Angeles
Problem-Solving: A Humanistic Approach to Ending Homelessness
CES Guidance