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Higher Education Homeless Work Group

April 28, 2023 | May 07, 2023 | 1,217 total views

Background: Welcome to the landing page for HEHW. This group was formed in 2017 and began listening sessions with the community in identifying gaps and needs for students. In 2019, the Campus Peer Navigators were created due to advocacy from HEHW and community members. In 2020, consultants launched an in-depth community planning process culminating In the HEHW Strategic Plan. This document details the planning and interviewing processes that led to the development of a united vision, and shared goals and strategies to reach this vision. There is a subcommittee for each Strategic Goal, shared applied learning, data collection, and advocacy to better coordinate services for students and expand resources. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, HEHW’s regular facilitation was paused as LAHSA staff were leveraged to oversee the implementation of Project Home Key, an intervention that sheltered thousands of covid vulnerable unhoused neighbors, however the education work of Campus Peer Navigators and other HEHW stakeholders continued. In 2021 HEHW re-launched quarterly meetings, continuing the work of the Strategic Plan, participating in YHDP community planning, and more. On this page, you will find notes from the HEHW sub-committees, community training resources, and an updated student housing vacancy list. In addition, you’ll find information on housing resources for folks pursuing vocational options.  

VISION A future for Los Angeles where basic needs are never a barrier to college students’ success.

MISSION Address student homelessness and basic needs insecurity by strengthening Los Angeles County’s higher education systems and community resources.

STRATEGIC GOALS OVERVIEW The Higher Education and Homelessness Workgroup (HEHW) has prioritized three strategic goals for the next three years. These goals, along with their supporting strategies, serve as a guide for alleviating student homelessness through HEHW’s unique connections to institutions of higher education, service providers, government, and the students themselves. With these three goals serving as the overarching targets, HEHW will continuously monitor and update the plan’s underlying strategies as they are enacted, while being prepared to adapt to changing circumstances in the service of achieving these goals

For Resources for Students such as information on housing please click here

HEHW Meeting Schedule

The HEHW meeting occurs on a bi-monthly basis. The next meeting will be held on May 24th, 2023, from 10AM-12PM. Please email cjenne@lahsa.org for an invite.



Improve Data Collection, Sharing, and Usage to Better Assess Students’ Needs, Strengths, and Outcomes



Utilize Public Policy Advocacy to Increase the Resources and Reduce the Barriers to Student Support


Shared Applied Learning

Strengthen Institutional and Community Organizational Responses by Facilitating Interorganizational Learning and Collaboration


Trainings for Community Partners

Coming soon the HEHW Training Certification series.

For Service Provider Contact Information Please Click Here


Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs) Through CES
LAHSA-Administered Safe Parking Sites in Los Angeles
Higher Education Homeless Work Group
Out Of LA COC Guidance
Volunteer Opportunities