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February 02, 2023 | 4,712 total views

Los Angeles, CA – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) granted the LA Continuum of Care (LA CoC) $60 million ($20 million per year over three years) – the maximum amount under this grant - to address unsheltered homelessness throughout the LA region. The new funds will be allocated toward homelessness outreach, Time Limited Subsidies, and permanent housing support in order to reduce visible concentrated homelessness throughout LA county.

Last year, LAHSA launched our strategic vision, a framework that will drive a reduction in unsheltered homelessness. The strategic vision uses data to drive decisions, create flexible resources like Time Limited Subsidies, and redesigns the Coordinated Entry System to quickly connect our most vulnerable neighbors to permanent supportive housing. With the new funds and the strategic vision that has been collaboratively devised amongst all partners, LAHSA will have the tools needed to help thousands of people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. 

“This HUD funding will increase regional alignment on our collective strategy to reduce visible, concentrated unsheltered homelessness throughout LA County,” says Interim Executive Director Stephen David Simon. “LAHSA is diligently and collaboratively working with Mayor Bass and Supervisor Hanh working to move forward with getting our unhoused residents through interim housing into permanent homes.”

For several years now, regional alignment in homeless services has been a top priority amongst LAHSA, HACLA, LACDA, and our non-profit partners. Each of these partners came together to apply for the grant and look forward to implementing a comprehensive strategy that will bringing more of LA County’s unsheltered neighbors home.