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Covid-19 Vaccine Education

April 02, 2021 | July 07, 2021 | 16,133 total views

The Department of Health Services (DHS) Housing for Health (HFH) COVID Response Teams (CRT) in collaboration with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) is committed to providing a dynamic array of vaccine education to increase access and address hesitancy. It includes COVID-19 Vaccines to-date and COVID-19 Safety protocols to People Experiencing Homelessness and the staff, volunteers, and community partners who work with them. This site’s intention is to provide a myriad of resources including information regarding COVID-19 Vaccines and COVID-19 Safety Protocols to fight against COVID-19 together.

Resources for Clients

Resources for Homeless Service Providers

  • Printable Materials
  • Presentations
    • Staff Vaccine Hesitancy Presentation
  • HFH Calendar of Events
    • An up-to-date partner-facing calendar of Housing for Health vaccinations clinics. Please note, Vaccine clinics are planned in advance. Please reach out to POC listed if you are interested in attending. We politely ask that you do not bring media.
  • Countywide Calendar of Events
    • A county-wide calendar of Vaccine clinics targeting people experiencing homelessness in homeless shelters, PRK, PHK, and public spaces. This calendar is regularly updated by HFH, City, County and community partners.
  • HFH Vaccine Map
    • Map of the HFH Vaccination clinics in Los Angeles county specifically for people experiencing homelessness, and staff who serve PEH.
  • Request a Vaccine Clinic
    • Please complete this form if you are interested in requesting a vaccine clinic to administer vaccines for people experiencing homelessness and/or staff to your agency, event or community. A DHS Housing for Health representative will reach out to speak more about the opportunities upon completion of the form.
  • Request Vaccine Education Presentation
    • Please complete this form to request a team from our Speaker's Bureau to provide a presentation to your staff on the COVID-19 vaccine and other health measures to keep our homeless services workforce and participants healthy and safe during these times.
  • DPH Vaccine Appointment Page
    • A county-wide vaccine appointment scheduling page. As of April 15, 2021, you are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if you meet the following criteria: ages 16+, live or work in LA County.

Community Organizations

Our Communities Stand Together

We Are Resilient

In this video by Robert Cuadra, in collaboration with community members, leaders, and
organizations, the Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission provides a
powerful message about unity, resilience, and togetherness in fighting against COVID-19.


LAPD & Theatre Co discuss vaccinating against COVID-19

LA Poverty Department and zAmya theater (MN) discuss getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
It includes COVID-19 vaccinations every Wednesday morning between 10 and noon at Midnight Mission.


Community Resources

mRNA Vaccines Explained

A five-minute video describing the COVID-19 vaccines and how the mRNA vaccines interact with your body.


What The COVID Vaccine Does To Your Body
A five-minute video describing the COVID-19 vaccines and how the mRNA vaccines interact with your body.


One Degree COVID-19 Resource Guide
In partnership with LA’s Department of Public Health, One Degree provides resources related to COVID-19 needs and the COVID-19 vaccine.


COVID Health Animation Project
Animation project to fight disinformation, increase knowledge and change behaviors around COVID 19 in underserved communities.


California Endowment

Downloadable materials in multiple languages, including informational videos, radio public service announcements, a COVID-19 fact sheet, etc.

Ways to Practice Self and Community Care

“What do children need during COVID-19.”/"Qué necesitan los niños durante COVID-19"

  • A two-minute animation about ways caregivers can support children during COVID-19.

Additional resources:

The Wellness Center LA

  • The Wellness Center aims to provide culturally sensitive programs to address the root cause of disease to improve the health outcomes for the community and patients.

LA Department of Mental Health Resources

  • A plethora of resources and materials to address and promote mental health and wellbeing.

Why We Rise LA

  • A place for communities to explore art, performance, and creative expression to combat stigma and promote the wellbeing of individuals and communities.



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