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February 24, 2021 | 9,480 total views

The 2020 Los Angeles Homeless Count yielded interesting data about unsheltered Older Adults (55+) in Los Angeles. The findings support the increased interest in older adult homeless seen throughout older adult service and homeless service agencies throughout the county and offer insights into this vulnerable population.

Here are some highlights of the findings:

  • Older Adult homelessness increased 20 percent from 2017-2020.
  • 80 percent of unsheltered older adults are male
  • 40 percent of unsheltered older adults are Black/African American, 25 percent of are Hispanic/Latinx, and 30 percent are White.
  • 90 percent of unsheltered Older Adults resided in Los Angeles County prior to becoming unsheltered.
  • 50 percent site that economic hardship led to their unsheltered experience.

For more details on out finding about unsheltered Older Adults from the 2020 Homeless Count, visit out Older Adult Dashboard Summary.


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