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July 01, 2020 | 585 total views

In a moment of despair, Susanne called San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center (SFVCMHC) for help. She explained that, without apparent reason, her landlord would verbally abuse her and threaten to seize her property unlawfully. Susanne had become so fearful of her landlord’s threats that she would not leave her room.

SFVCMHC’s Problem-Solving Specialist, Kevin Morgan, encouraged Susanne to consider reaching out to her social network and worked with her to explore alternative housing options. Kevin attempted mediations with the landlord and explored connections with Susanne’s family members multiple times.

A month later, Susanne called Kevin with a possible solution. A close friend of hers living in Georgia offered a room for rent at a lower rate than her complex in Los Angeles County. Susanne’s income would now cover all living costs, but she could not afford the flight. To ensure that Susanne could secure a place to call home, Kevin contacted LAHSA’s Problem-Solving unit to request Assistance Funds for her relocation.

With the support of the Problem-Solving unit, Susanne was able to travel to Georgia just five days later, where she has now become a welcomed part of her friend’s household.

Since the launch of the LAHSA’s Problem-Solving program in October 2019 across LA County, Susanne and more than 500 other individuals have been successfully housed. To learn how to apply Problem-Solving strategies to your work, sign up for a Problem-Solving training.

Problem-Solving Training Open Enrollment:

Training is available for providers and partners across Los Angeles County and is a prerequisite to obtaining access to LAHSA's centralized Problem-Solving Assistance Funds.


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