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May 15, 2020 | August 26, 2020 | 2,484 total views

Partnerships with FBOs provide opportunities to expand housing options and resources for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

There are numerous faith-based organizations (FBOs) throughout LA County that provide services to people experiencing homelessness, ranging from a broad spectrum: food pantries to showers and shelter, and support organizations that cater to the needs of low socioeconomic communities and homeless populations. With a long history of serving people experiencing homelessness, FBOs serve those in need, which is a tangible and achievable endeavor because of their existing access to resources and knowledge of navigating through the homeless services landscape. Some of these organizations are able to navigate resources and systems, but others operate from a servant's heart with limited tools to serve those in need. The intent of LAHSA's Faith Working Group is to create a collaborative response to homelessness.

To maximize the effectiveness and impact of FBOs, it is valuable for FBOs to have a robust knowledge of the countywide homeless services delivery system and a defined role in the Coordinated Entry System. Our vision is to enlarge the tent for the homeless delivery system so that we all move faster together toward the vision of ending homelessness.

FBOs and the Coordinated Entry System

  • The Union Rescue Mission has a well-established role in the CES
  • The Los Angeles MIssion's application for Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ), which allows them to bid on LAHSA contracts, was recently approved

Partnership goals


Faith Convening Webinars

LAHSA and the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative held convening webinars discuss the faith community's response to COVID-19 May 6-7, 2020. Below you will find videos of the convenings as well as the answers to frequently asked questions asked during the convenings.

Interested in becoming a LAHSA contractor?

You'll find information about how to become certified as a qualified bidder for LAHSA funding opportunities here.


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