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February 28, 2020 | March 02, 2020 | 1,977 total views

Involvement in the child welfare, juvenile, or criminal justice systems is among the key contributing factors to youth homelessness, a reality evident from the results of the 2019 Youth Count. The 2019 Youth Count uncovered that 29% of youth experiencing homelessness report lifetime involvement with foster care and 43% with the justice system. Many of these young people experience homelessness immediately or soon after exiting the foster care and/or the justice systems. To address the needs of these young people, LAHSA is funding a set of new positions countywide, called DCFS and Probation Liaisons, focused on connecting high-risk youth exiting the LA County Departments of Child and Family Services (DCFS) and Probation to stable housing. The design and integration of the Liaisons were informed by two pilots that took place in 2018 and 2019 launched in partnership with United Way of Greater Los Angeles, the Center for Strategic Partnerships, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), DCFS, and Probation. These pilots aimed to strengthen the SPA level coordination between DCFS, Probation, and Youth CES, and to test the efficiency of utilizing CES for youth exiting or exited from care.

Who will the Liaisons serve?

  • Youth ages 17-24 experiencing or at risk of homelessness who have exited from care/Probation Camp or are within 90 days of their exit date from care/Probation Camp
  • Youth ages 18-24 experiencing or at risk of homelessness who are on Probation and do not have a suitable placement order

In what areas can the Liaisons provide assistance?

  • Problem-solving with eligible youth
  • Housing-focused discharge planning support for youth nearing their exit from care
  • Crisis intervention for youth exited from care
  • Training and technical assistance for DCFS and Probation staff on Problem-Solving, CES resources, and other housing resources for youth outside of CES (e.g. THP Plus)
  • Housing Navigation services for youth entering CES

What resources will the Liaisons provide access to?

  • LAHSA-administered flexible funds (Problem-Solving Assistance Fund) to support with housing access and retention (e.g. Security deposits, utilities arrears payments, etc.)
  • Entry into Youth CES and potential access to resources
  • Intensive supports for ILP-eligible youth to access ILP beds
  • More direct access to Interim Housing (as needed) for youth who have exited care

How will the Liaisons help to enhance housing outcomes for youth exiting or exited from care?

  • More direct access to Youth CES resources (including ILP for ILP-eligible youth) to ensure youth successfully transition from DCFS/Probation to CES
  • Access to new housing-focused resources (e.g. Problem-Solving Assistance Fund)
  • Dedicated point of contact from Youth CES—improved responsiveness from referrals and ongoing communication and updates on referred youth
  • Training and Technical Assistance

Click here to view the Liaison Contact List.

For questions regarding DCFS/Probation Liaisons, please contact LAHSA's Youth Coordinator, Erin Calvin, via email.


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