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November 27, 2019 | December 02, 2019 | 6,417 total views

Media Contacts:
Ahmad Chapman, Los Angeles Homeless Services Agency, (213) 225-8491, (213) 247-5726 (c), achapman@lahsa.org

You can view our 2019-2020 Winter Shelter Program flyer here.

  • These shelters are apart of our December 1, 2019-March 31, 2020 Winter Shelter Program. Some of these sites have opened early. The flyer includes information on which sites are now open.

You can view our Augmented Shelter flyer here.

  • These shelters are only activated today-Saturday, November 30.

Los Angeles Homeless Services Community Announces Over 1000 beds for Inclement Weather

Los Angeles, CA—Today, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) in coordination with the City and the County of Los Angeles announced that nearly 1,200 beds would be available for homeless residents during the inclement weather expected over the next few days.

The beds are located across Los Angeles County. They include the 271 Winter Shelter Program beds and 100 additional interim shelter beds announced by LAHSA yesterday, over 500 beds at five City of Los Angeles sites, and 100 beds at Athens Park supplied by the County of Los Angeles.

“An unprecedented amount of coordination between LAHSA, the City, and the County of Los Angeles is going to save the lives of unsheltered homeless residents throughout Los Angeles County,” said Peter Lynn, Executive Director of LAHSA. “Thank you to the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the United Way and our nonprofit partners for your tireless efforts during this holiday period. 

LAHSA’s seven Winter Shelter Program locations will open starting November 26 for the 2019-2020 Winter Shelter season, which ends on March 31. The additional 100 beds at LAHSA’s interim housing portfolio will be available through Saturday morning.

The 500 beds from the City of Los Angeles will open at five sites across Los Angeles. These locations will be open starting today and operate through Saturday morning.

“The weather we’re expecting this week could be life-threatening for our homeless neighbors. There’s no time to waste — we have to do everything in our power to bring people inside now,” said Mayor Garcetti. “These new beds will help save lives, and I am grateful to my colleagues on the City Council, our partners at the County and LAHSA, and the service providers who are helping us stand them up so quickly.”

The County’s 100 beds at Athens Park will open from today and operate through Saturday morning.

“We must do all we can to help people be safe indoors during inclement weather,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, the sponsor of a Board of Supervisors motion to immediately launch Winter Shelters. “We have a crisis on our hands so we must act with urgency — that means rapidly deploying our resources and using our know-how to implement elements of a comprehensive crisis response.”

“I know how crucial, and sometimes life-saving, it can be for people experiencing homelessness to come in from the cold to eat a hot meal and sleep in a warm bed,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “While many Winter Shelters are scheduled to open December 1st, thanks to the County acting with urgency, nearly 1,200 beds will be available over the Thanksgiving holiday. I am also pleased that yesterday the Board of Supervisor’s action on this matter included my amendment so that in the future, we could activate Winter Shelters earlier when the weather demands it.”

The United Way of Greater L.A. is marshaling volunteers and supplying food for various shelter sites, as well as making emergency grants to community-based organizations so that they can provide support to people who remain outside.

“This is a moment where we all have an obligation to do whatever we can, and so we’re mobilizing all of our resources to both help bring people indoors and support the people who remain outside during the storm,” Elise Buik, President and CEO, United Way of Greater L.A.

Winter Shelter Program Sites Opening Early (today at 5 p.m.) – Will stay open into Winter Shelter Season (All Walk-Up unless otherwise noted)

Service Provider Address Number of Beds Open Date
Weingart (males only) 566 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles 32 11/26
Home at Last 5171 S. Vermont St., Los Angeles 49 11/27
Home at Last 5100 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles 12 11/27
Home at Last 5108 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles 48 11/27
Home at Last (TAY only) 5500 S. Hoover Ave., Los Angeles 60 11/27
Hope of the Valley Greater Baptist Missionary Church, 11067 Norris Ave., Pacoima 134 11/27
Volunteers of America Los Angeles Basset Park Gym, 510 Vineland Ave., La Puente 91746 100 11/27
Volunteers of America Los Angeles (Women Only) Steinmetz Park Community Center, 1545 S. Stimson Ave., Hacienda Heights 91745 30 11/27
First to Serve Athens Park Gymnasium, 12603 S. Broadway, Los Angeles 90061 100 11/27
Salvation Army (TAY) 5941 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles 30 11/29
Bryant Temple AME (Women only) 2514 W. Vernon Ave., Los Angeles 40 11/29

Augmented Winter Shelter Sites – Open Today through Saturday 7 a.m. (All Walk-Ups)

Service Provider Address Number of Beds Open Time
Volunteers of America Los Angeles   Pamela Park, 2236 Goodall Ave., Duarte 100 5 p.m.
First to Serve Echo Park Community Center, 313 Patton St., Los Angeles 100 7 a.m.
First to Serve Glassel Recreational Center, 3650 Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles 100 7 a.m.
Home at Last Westchester Senior Center, 8740 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles 51 7 a.m.
First to Serve Oakwood Recreational Center, 767 California Ave., Venice 100 3 p.m.
First to Serve Central Recreational Center, 1357 E. 22nd St., Los Angeles 100 7 a.m.


You can view our 2019-2020 Winter Shelter Program flyer here.


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