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September 27, 2019

Thanks to strong advocacy efforts from housing organizations statewide, the California Legislature approved a number of important tenant rights and land use bills in the final week of the session, which ended on September 13th. The Governor now has until October 13th to sign or veto bills. Thank you to everyone who reached out to their State Representatives! For a list of some of the bills that LAHSA was tracking and their results, click here.

Some of the critical bills that were approved and await the Governor’s signature include:

• AB 1482, which will place a cap on annual rent increases of 5% plus inflation (about 8% total) for all rental properties that are more than 15 years old. This cap will be in effect until 2030. Newer properties are exempted (less than 15 years old), as are single family homes in cases where the landlord owns fewer than 10 units. In addition, the bill adds just cause eviction protections to tenants that have lived in their units for 12 months or more.

• SB 329, which extends source of income protections statewide and requires that landlords treat current or prospective tenants with a subsidy (such as a Section 8 voucher or Rapid Re-Housing voucher) the same as other tenants or applicants.

• AB 1197, which provides a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption to any supportive or interim housing in the City of Los Angeles funded by Proposition HHH, the HEAP, or the HHAPP program.

LAHSA is a joint powers authority of the city and county of Los Angeles, created in 1993 to address the problems of homelessness in Los Angeles County. LAHSA is the lead agency in the HUD-funded Los Angeles Continuum of Care, and coordinates and manages more than $400 million annually in federal, state, county, and city funds for programs providing shelter, housing, and services to people experiencing homelessness. For more information, visit


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