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System And Programmatic Documents In Russian

March 16, 2019 | January 02, 2020 | 3,109 total views

The following documents have been translated to support L.A. County’s threshold languages.

CES Survey for Families VI-FSPDAT_Russian 1439

3rd Party Income Verification Form_Russian

3rd Party Verification Of Homeless Status Form_Russian

2018-2019 Participant Eligibility Screening Form For RRH All Populations_Russian

2018-2019 Participant Eligiblity Screening Form-Housing Navigation Program For Youth And Adults_Russian

ADULT Prevention Targeting Tool_Russian

Asset Declaration Form_Russian

CES - FSC Participant Eligibility Request Form_Russian

DedicatedPlus Verification Packet. Updated_Russian

Exit Summary Form_Russian

FAMILIES Prevention Targeting Tool_Russian

Habitability Standards for Permanent Housing Form_Russian

Household Composition and Income Eligibility Form_Russian

Housing Stability Form_Russian

Imminent Risk of Homelessness Certification Form_Russian

Landlord Incentive Fee Agreement Form_Russian

Monthly Update Form_Russian

Observation of Homeless Status. Updated_Russian

PEHP Referral Form_Russian

Recertification Form_Russian

Reunification Verification Form_Russian

Self Certification of Homeless Status Form_Russian

Transportation Verification Form-1095_Russian

Verification of Disability Form_Russian

YFR Intake_Russian

YFR Interest Screening Form_Russian

YOUTH Prevention Targeting Tool_Russian


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Higher Education Homeless Work Group
Problem-Solved: Rafael's Journey Home
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Problem-Solving: A Humanistic Approach to Ending Homelessness
CES Guidance