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New HMIS Clarity Features

April 17, 2019

LAHSA is excited to announce some exciting new features and updates for HMIS! The updates are summarized below.


1. New Date Field in Locations

In an effort to better track a client’s history of homelessness, a new field has been added to “Client Location” which allows us to record a date in association with a location. This is now only to be used when tracking the client’s current location. If we are recording a location a client previously resided at or was contacted at, we can backdate the location record. Simply complete the “Location Date” field when inputting a new location. For outreach projects, this date should also have a matching contact service for the same date.

2. Separate Client Contacts from Location Tab

A new “Contact” tab has been added to the client record. This tab allows users to track contact information for a client separately from the Location tab, reducing clutter and allowing for more streamlined viewing and reporting. Moving forward, contact information for a client must be tracked on the new “Contact” page instead of the Location page.


3. New Warning Alert Option for Individual Enrollments Under 12

HMIS can now warn users when a client under age 12 is being enrolled as an individual. This new feature can help to prevent situations where children are accidentally enrolled as an individual instead of as a group with their family. Preventing the enrollment of individual children means less data clean-up later!

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