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System And Programmatic Documents In Arabic

March 16, 2019 | January 02, 2020 | 2,808 total views

The following documents have been translated to support LA County’s threshold languages.

CES Survey for Families VI-FSPDAT Arabic 1439

3rd Party Income Verification Form Arabic

3rd Party Verification of Homeless Status Form Arabic

2018-2019 Participant Eligibility Screening Form for RRH All Populations Arabic

2018-2019 Participant Eligiblity Screening Form-Housing Navigation Program for Youth and Adults Arabic

Adult Prevention Targeting Tool Arabic

Asset Declaration Form Arabic

CES - FSC Participant Eligibility Request Form Arabic

DedicatedPlus Verification Packet Arabic

Exit Summary Form Arabic

Families Prevention Targeting Tool Arabic

Habitability Standards for Permanent Housing Form Arabic

Household Composition and Income Eligibility Form Arabic

Housing Stability Form Arabic

Imminent Risk of Homelessness Certification Form Arabic 3171

Landlord Incentive Fee Agreement Form Arabic 3173

Monthly Update Form Arabic 3175

Observation of Homeless Status Arabic 3176

Participant Eligibility Screening Form for RRH All Populations Arabic 3177

PEHP Referral Form Arabic 3178

Recertification Form Arabic 3179

Reunification Verification Form Arabic 3180

Self Certification of Homeless Status Form Arabic 3181

Transportation Verification Form-1095 Arabic 3182

Verification of Disability Form Arabic 3183

YFR Interest Screening Form Arabic 3185

Youth Prevention Targeting Tool Arabic 3186

YRF Intake Arabic 3187




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Higher Education Homeless Work Group
Problem-Solved: Rafael's Journey Home
LAHSA-Administered Safe Parking Sites in Los Angeles
Problem-Solving: A Humanistic Approach to Ending Homelessness
CES Guidance