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Street-Based Engagement Collaborative Training Materials

February 19, 2019

Below you will find documents from a recent collaborative week-long training LAHSA conducted with DMH and DHS.


1. The Team Approach
2. Measuring our Success: Clarity & Performance Metrics
3. Homeless FSP and Engaging Vulnerable Populations
4. PREHP: Lawyers Preventing and Ending Homelessness Project


1. Boundaries, Ethics & HIPAA
2. Healthcare on the Streets
3. Substance Abuse Engagement on the Streets
4. Programs and Services of DMH:  What They Are, Who is Eligible and How to Access Them  


1. Cultural Humility & Implicit Bias
2. Culturally Humility Exercise
3. Harm Reduction & Housing First
4. CES Survey


1. Staying Safe on the Streets
2. The Spectrum of Interim Housing: Presentation & Panel


1. Enriched Residential Care
2. Accessing Mental Health Crisis Intervention Overview
3. Urgent Care Center List
4. SA Navigator Contact List

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