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HMIS Training Now Available in New Training Portal (Video)

August 17, 2018 | November 15, 2018

HMIS Training is now available in LAHSA's new training portal. You will no longer be able to register for HMIS training through the current website. All courses are currently open for registration. 

Instructions for current HMIS users:

If you've previously completed HMIS training, your training history has been transferred over to the new site. In order to access your new training account, please click the link below and enter in your email address. You will receive an email notification with a temporary password that can be used to login to your training account.

Click here and enter your email address to receive a temporary password. 

Instructions for new HMIS users:

If you will be signing up to complete HMIS training for the first time please create an account by clicking the link below. Once you've created your account you will be able to access the course catalog to sign up for training.

Click here to create your account.

Click the play button below to learn how to navigate the new system!


If you have any questions about HMIS training or the new system please email 

For immediate assistance with accessing your new training account, please call the HMIS training team:

  • Rhett Lesslie - HMIS Trainer (213) 225-8443 
  • Tolulope Babalola - HMIS Trainer (213) 225-8495
  • Julia Warren - HMIS Trainer (213) 225-6536


HMIS Training Now Available in New Training Portal (Video)
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