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RTQ - Centralized Training Academy

July 19, 2018 | August 28, 2019


This solicitation will create a list (“Academy”) of certified training vendors who are pre-qualified to support the professional development of the homeless services industry through training. No funding is awarded through this Request for Training Provider Qualifications - Centralized Training Academy (RTQ CTA). 


Request for Training Provider Qualifications (RTQ) Timeline

Date Time Details
Rolling (the 1st of each month) 2:00 PM  Submission Deadline

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis; however, proposals must be submitted by 2pm on the first of the month to be considered for certification by the LAHSA Commission at the following month’s Program and Evaluation Committee Meeting.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at


Question and Answer Webinar

RTQ - Centralized Training Academy Q&A Presentation

RTQ - Centralized Training Academy Q&A Recording


Application Documents

RTQ - Centralized Training Academy Solicitation Document 

RTQ - Centralized Training Academy Solicitation Document Instructions

RTQ - Centralized Training Academy Sub-contractor Program Profile




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