Updates To The LAHSA Website
Changes effective July 1st

June 26, 2018 | July 10, 2018

Apps Launcher

We have added a global apps launcher, listing all LAHSA’s apps for easier acccess.  You can find it in the upper left corner via the icon.

Custom look

We have given specific areas and apps in our site its own look and feel. This change will enhance user experiences in the long term.


In most areas, we’ve moved links that were in the “side bar” to the overhead menu.  This change provides a better experience on mobile and tablets browsers.

Dropped support for older browsers

The LAHSA web team is making use of the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. This change mostly affects users of Internet Explorer 9 and below. We encourage you to update your browser using the links provided.

Below is a table outlining our browser support:

  Windows Mac Latest Version
Chrome Supported Supported Downloads page
Firefox Supported Supported Downloads page
Internet Explorer Supported. IE10+ N/A Downloads page
Microsoft Edge Supported N/A Downloads page
Opera Supported Supported Downloads page
Safari Not Supported Supported Downloads page

New Jobs Page

We moved our jobs page to This change aligns LAHSA with other federal, state and local agencies in search for job candidates.

New Support Center App

We are excited to introduce our new Support Center app.  This app is designed to provide guidance and documentation on the various apps that LAHSA supports. You can find it via the Support link at the bottom of the page July 1st.


We look forward to better servicing our community with these updates.  For any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to send us a message.

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