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May 08, 2018 | December 04, 2019 | 12,891 total views

To All HMIS Participating Organizations,

As required by the HMIS privacy and security standards, LAHSA has updated our HMIS Participant Organization Agreement and HMIS User Agreement.

All HMIS participating organizations must submit anew HMIS Participant Organization Agreementby May 21, 2018.Your organization's authorized representative must email a copy to HMISSupport@lahsa.org with "HMIS Participant Organization Agreement" in the subject line. Please note that failure to submit this agreement will lead to the deactivation of the organization's HMIS accounts and programs.

Below are the important changes, for your convenience:

HMIS Participant Organization Agreement
HMIS Users who violate the User Agreement are reported to the HMIS Administrator within 24 hours of knowledge of the violation, including violations that are not directly related to the use of HMIS.
HMIS User Agreement
I acknowledge that HMIS contains confidential and sensitive information. Accordingly, I understand and agree that my access to HMIS may be suspended and/or permanently revoked as a result of my unethical or illegal actions, even if those actions were not related to my use of HMIS. Unethical or illegal actions may include, but are not limited to, breach of trust or fiduciary duty, harassment, fraud, threats, etc., in relation to person seeking or receiving services.

Right to Make Corrections (both agreements contain this section)
If the client believes that their PPI in HMIS is incorrect or incomplete, the client has the right to request for a correction. To ask for either of these changes, the client will need to send a written request, including the reason why he or she believes the information is incorrect or incomplete to the HMIS Administrator of the organization that entered the information into HMIS.  The organization may turn down the request if the information:

Was not created by the organization you are requesting the change from;
Is not part of the information that you would be allowed to look at and copy;
Is related to another individual;
Is found to be correct and complete;
Is otherwise protected by law.

Upon login to HMIS, each HMIS user will be prompted to review and accept the updated HMIS User Agreement. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email HMISSupport@lahsa.org.

Thank you,



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