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CES Guidance

January 17, 2018 | October 04, 2022 | 17,146 total views

CES Guidance establishes standards of service delivery in alignment with high-level Coordinated Entry System (CES) policies. While LAHSA has previously engaged providers in workgroups and guidance development, we are pleased to launch a more systematic, transparent, and open process. The new guidance development process seeks to 1) Build guidance in alignment with principle-based CES policies, 2) Involve relevant subject matter experts, and 3) Create a nimble guidance development process that can respond to provider concerns and system shifts. The LAHSA team will facilitate a workgroup which will be composed of CES Policy Council members, relevant provider subject matter experts, and lived experience board members.

Guidance Status

The below Guidance remains in effect until further notice:

Interim Housing to Housing Navigation to Time Limited Subsidies  To identify persons to be prioritized from Interim Housing for Housing Navigation and Time Limited Subsidies. 

Issue Date: September 28, 2022

Effective Date: October 1, 2022

Identifying Points of Contact for CES Participants to be Matched to Resources This Interim Guidance seeks to improve the efficiency of the LA County CES by requiring that Points of Contact be identified for every CES participant currently engaged by staff at a CES Participating Agency. Establishing Points of Contact within each electronic participant record will ensure that a CES participant can be reached in the event of a potential matching to a housing resources. 

Issue Date: September 17, 2018


Effective Date: February 1, 2019

Identifying Points of Contact Interim Guidance Webinar (Note: you will need to create an training account or login to access the training. This training is mandatory for any person who works directly with CES participants.) 

Multiple Matching to Permanent Supportive Housing

This Interim Guidance improves the efficiency of the Coordinated Entry System (CES) by increasing the numberof participants matched to Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) resources (project-based vacancies or tenant-based subsidies). Matching more than one individual or house hold to a resource decreases the length of time between a match and successful occupancy.

Issue Date: August 10, 2018


Effective Date: September 1, 2018

Multiple Matching Interim Guidance Webinar  (Hosted Tuesday, August 28, 2018)

Multiple Matching Q & A

Updating and Correcting Population-Appropriate CES Triage Tool Scores

This Guidance indicates when it is appropriate or necessary to update or correct a participant’s population-appropriate CES Triage Tool score. While this Guidance addresses score revision, case conferencing should still be utilized to capture the full extent of a participant’s vulnerability. The score from the CES Triage Tool should be only one factor among others in the prioritization process.

Attachment A: CES Triage Tool Score Revision Worksheet

Attachment B: List of Service Planning Area (SPA) Matchers

Attachment C: Full SPDAT Request Form

Issue Date: January 17, 2018

Effective Date: February 1, 2018

Interim Guidance Overview Webinar (Hosted Monday, January 22, 2018)

Matching Participants with Disabilities to Fully Accessible Units


This Guidance details new procedures to ensure that fully accessible units are reserved and matched to individuals with mobility and/or hearing/vision disabilities who need these features. 

Attachment A: Housing Vacancy Accessibility Checklist

Issue Date: January 17, 2018

Effective Date: February 1, 2018

Interim Guidance Overview Webinar (Hosted Monday, January 22, 2018)



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