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The CES Policy Development Process

December 08, 2017 | December 16, 2021 | 13,999 total views
The Los Angeles County Coordinated Entry System (LA County CES) facilitates the coordination and management of resources and services throughout the crisis response system. LA County CES works to equitably connect the highest need, most vulnerable persons in the community to available housing and supportive services. The CES Policy Council is the governing body that ensures consistency and quality by guiding strategic policy development, supporting implementation through alignment of practice and resources, and monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

The CES Policy Council is comprised of members who have knowledge of resources and system decision points, including service providers across all populations (families with children, adults, and youth), County health agencies, City and County housing authorities, persons with lived experience of homelessness, and the philanthropy community (click here for the full membership roster). Since its formation in 2017, the CES Policy Council developed a core set of CES policies related to Access, Assessment, Prioritization, and Referral (Matching), as mandated by the HUD notice "Establishing Additional Requirements for a Continuum of Care (CoC) Centralized or Coordinated Assessment System." Policy workgroups led this development process, creating a forum for collaboration and community input. 

Scope of Policy Development
The broad topics for priority policy development include the Core Elements of Coordinated Entry, as defined by HUD: Access, Assessment, Prioritization, and Referral (Matching). Policies posted for public comment will generally follow this topical order, though some policies are relevant to all elements. To view the core set of policies approved by the CES Policy Council, please see below.

As implementation efforts are ongoing, the CES Policy Council continues to receive and respond to community input to refine policy and recommend system improvements as needed. 
As a standard practice, the CES Policy Council only reviews policies and procedures that the public has had an opportunity to review through public comment. The CES Policy Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m., typically at LAHSA's downtown Los Angeles office (811 Wilshire Blvd.).

Policy Status
See below for a complete list of CES policies that have been approved, out for public comment, or still in development.

Interim Policies


Status Date Approved
Interim Coordinated Entry System Policy: Emergency Housing Voucher-Revised Establishes interim standards and principles for the referral of a household to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV) Program. Approved

June 23, 2021

September 29, 2021

Interim Coordinated Entry System Policy: COVID-19 CES Prioritization - Revised Establishes an interim policy for matching and prioritization which takes COVID-19 vulnerability into account. Approved May 27 and August 26, 2020; February 24 and July 28, 2021
Planning Policies Summary Status Date Approved
CES Guiding Principles  Establishes a set of guiding principles and practices for the Coordinated Entry System (CES) service providers and system partners centered around respect, accountability, consistency, and integration. Approved August 23, 2017
Affirmative Marketing Policy  Requires LA County CES to affirmatively market housing and supportive services to all eligible persons. Approved August 23, 2017
Nondiscrimination Policy  Establishes that CES shall market to and serve all eligible persons to promote every individual's full and complete participation in CES. Approved August 23, 2017
Data Management Policy   In Development  
Evaluation Policy Requires quarterly reviews and an annual full evaluation of the Coordinated Entry System. Approved September 26, 2018
Access Policies Summary Status Date Approved
Permanent Housing Transfers Establishes standards and principles for the transfer of a participating household from one permanent housing program to another permanent housing program.  Approved July 28, 2021
Youth Transitional Housing Transfers Establishes standards and principles for the transfer of a participating household from one Youth Transitional Housing (TH) program to a
comparable Youth TH or Permanent Housing  program. 
Approved December 15, 2021
CES Access Policy  Requires that the LA County CES will operate in a manner that promotes fair and open access to all available housing and services within CES. Approved

November 1,29 & December 19, 2017

Assessment Policies Summary Status Date Approved
CES Assessment Policy  Requires all LA County CES service providers follow a standardized assessment process. Approved February 28, 2018
Prioritization Policies Summary Status Date Approved  
CES Prioritization Policy  Establishes a coordinated entry process that to prioritize the highest need, most vulnerable persons and households experiencing homelessness for services.   Approved  April 26, & May 23, 2018
Matching Policies Summary Status Date Approved
CES Matching Policy  Ensures individuals and households prioritized by the LA County CES are the first to be offered appropriate housing and supportive services.  Approved June 27, July 25, August 22, & September 26, 2018
CES Matching Principles Establishes a set of commitments to frame the operationalization of matching as procedures are developed and implemented.  Approved August 22, 2018



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