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New Release: HMIS Swipe Card Training Guide

November 29, 2017

The HMIS Training Team would like to announce the release of the HMIS Swipe Card Training Guide accompanied by a live video tutorial. Both the guide and video tutorial provide instructions on the process of using the swipe card in HMIS including:

• Client search/Creating new HMIS records
• Completing Program Enrollments
• Printing the Swipe Card
• Recording Services using the Swipe Card
• Recording Services Manually

Click the link below to access the guide. The live video tutorial can be found within the guide and also in the video library of the HMIS website.

Swipe Card Training Guide
Live Video Tutorial

As a reminder, there is no registration requirement to access the Swipe Card Training Materials. However, new users must complete the following requirements in order to receive an HMIS account:

• HMIS 10
• HMIS 100 Basic Navigation
• Required Electronic Agreements - HMIS Policies & Procedures Acknowledgement Form & HMIS User Agreement

If you have any questions please email

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