Summary Report Of Measure H Program Design Community Input Session D7

October 05, 2017 | January 09, 2018

On September 8th 2017, community stakeholders gathered for  an input session on the program design of  County strategy D7: Provide Services and Rental Subsidies for Permanent Supportive Housing, which is eligible for Measure H funding. The Summary report of  this session is now available for review:

Community Input Session Summary: County Strategy D7

Community members are further invited to submit additional input as public comment below:


The community input session was led by the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Department of Health Services (DHS) in collaboration with The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA). At this session, stakeholders were invited to provide their experience, ideas, and best thinking to help shape what systems and programs could look like after June 13, 2017, when the County Board of Supervisors made a final decision on Measure H funding for year one. For additional information about the background of the LA County Homeless Initiative and the Measure H process, visit the County of Los Angeles website at