Historical CES Assessment Appended In Clarity HMIS

September 05, 2017

Thank you for your patience! The LAHSA team is excited to announce that Clarity HMIS now has migrated historical CES assessment data as of 9/5!

Users are now able to log on and see historical CES assessments for each client. By next week, the system will also be re-opened up as the LAHSA team and the vendor work out the proper sharing levels for each client’s profile, which will allow users to see all shared historical data, including assessments, services, and enrollments.

Since launching in 6/1, Clarity HMIS has been online with historical HUD standard data (which were entered prior to 5/1), but had not yet appended the CES assessments or other data. The LAHSA team still has lined up more enhancements and Los Angeles community-specific custom data to be migrated, which we will continue to append to client records.

If you would like more information, the schedule of the data migration and all other priorities in Clarity, including enhancements, reports, and dashboard development are posted online on the website here:

Please let the HMIS Support team know at if you have any questions or concerns. Our support and data teams are on standby for any assistance or support you need while you navigate the system.

Below contains important information pertaining to viewing client records on Clarity HMIS.

You should have access to all of the HUD standard data and client assessments from your organization as of 9/5. The LAHSA team is continuing to work with the vendor to validate the remaining custom data for upload to Clarity HMIS in the coming weeks.

You can still enter any custom data, but historical data will continue to be imported and added to client records. Those custom data include:

• LA-specific entry and exit questions
• Case Notes
• Outreach locations
• Uploaded files (including client photos)

All HUD-standard reports such as APR, HMIS Data Quality Report, and other roster style reports are already available in Clarity via the Reports tab.

Organizations that have submitted requests for their appropriate representatives to receive access to “Looker”, the new ad-hoc/on-the-fly reporting tool have been provided access. Currently, we have only one representative per organization, but we are looking into ways to expand that for larger organizations.

More information on custom reports can be found in the Clarity Priorities list here:

Some other links and resources you may find useful:

• Clarity Login Portal –
• The Clarity User Guide and Help Portal –
• HMIS Participant Guides -
• The HMIS Main Site, for all things HMIS, including the link to Clarity HMIS –
• The HMIS Training Site Catalog, for all schedules including online trainings and instructor-led at LAHSA –

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