2017 Housing Inventory Count Data Summary Released
LAHSA releases the 2017 Housing Inventory Count including details on shelters and permanent housing throughout the LA Continuum of Care.

August 18, 2017 | August 21, 2017

The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) Data Summary for the Los Angeles Continuum of Care (LA CoC) is now available on the LAHSA website. The file can be seen here at the following link:


2017 HIC Data Summary


Features of the 2017 HIC Data Summary

The Housing inventory includes all emergency shelters and emergency hotel/motel vouchers (ES), transitional housing projects (TH), safe havens (SH), and permanent housing including permanent supportive housing (PSH), rapid re-housing (RRH), and other forms of permanent housing (OPH). The data are submitted annually to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and reflect the current housing inventory as of a Point-In-Time (PIT) within the last week of January 2017. The data include a detailed breakdown of the bed types available, the populations served, funding information, and regional locations of the service projects in the LA CoC.

The HIC Data Summary is a supplementary document that summarizes the bed and unit inventory of the different service project types based on the types of populations they served. Beds represent the capacity of the people the projects can serve, while units represent that capacity for households that can be served. The data are broken down several different ways in the data summary:

  • Project type - The total number of beds and units available by service project type (e.g., shelter and permanent housing). 
  • Household type - The number of beds and units available for families, individuals including single adults and transition age youth (TAY) age 18 to 24, and unaccompanied minor households (under 18 with no household members over 18). 
  • Subpopulation - The total number of beds dedicated to serving veterans, youth, chronically homeless persons, and people fleeing domestic violence/intimate partner violence.
  • Emergency shelter type - The total number of beds and units for emergency shelter, broken down by those beds that are part of the Winter Shelter Program (WSP), those that are emergency hotel/motel vouchers, and those that are physical year-round shelter beds.
  • Rental assistance type - The total number of permanent housing beds and units that are project-based and tenant-based. Project-based units are subsidies tied to a specific service project location, while tenant-based subsidies offer clients the opportunity to choose where they would like to use their subsidy.
  • Service Planning Area (SPA) - The total number of beds and units for all service project types, broken down by the eight Los Angeles County planning regions: Antelope Valley (SPA 1), San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley (SPA 2), San Gabriel Valley (SPA 3), Metro Los Angeles (SPA 4), West Los Angeles (SPA 5), South Los Angeles (SPA 6), East Los Angeles County (SPA 7), South Bay (SPA 8).

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