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The CES Policy Council Composition

July 27, 2017 | March 09, 2023 | 10,712 total views


  Seat (by Stakeholder Group) Representatives Selected by Stakeholder Group*
CES Housing Service Provider
CES Lead Agency, Adult Hazel Lopez, The People Concern
CES Lead Agency, Families Kimberly Roberts, LA Family Housing
CES Lead Agency, Youth Samuel Gonzalez, Hathaway-Sycamores
Non-Lead CES Agency Chris Contreras, Brilliant Corners
selected by Los Angeles Regional Homelessness Advisory Council
Non-Lead CES Agency
Michael Graff-Weisner, Chrysalis
selected by Los Angeles Regional Homelessness Advisory Council
Non-Lead CES Agency Vacant
Continuum of Care
Glendale Continuum of Care Arsine Isayan, City of Glendale
Long Beach Continuum of Care Jeffrey Proctor, City of Long Beach 
Los Angeles Continuum of Care Nathaniel VerGow, LAHSA
Pasadena Continuum of Care Jennifer O'Reilly-Jones, City of Pasadena
Lived Experience
Lived Experience Advisory Board Gloria Johnson
Homeless Youth Forum of Los Angeles Caitlin Schaefer
Public Agency
LA County Department of Child and Family Services Gail Winston
LA County Department of Health Services Sarah Mahin
LA County Department of Mental Health Maria Funk
LA County Department of Public Social Services Lisa Hayes 
LA Housing Department Ann Sewill
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs John Kuhn
Public Housing Authority
LA County Development Authority Myk'l Williams
Housing Authority of the City of LA Miriam Aquino
Public Housing Authority Community Donyielle Holley, City of Pomona
Other Partners Domestic Violence Community Carielle Escalante, Rainbow Services 
selected by the City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence Alliance
Housing Developer Community James Ramirez
Philanthropy Christina Miller, Hilton Foundation
selected by Funders Together to End Homelessness
United Way, Home for Good Carter Hewgley

*All stakeholder groups select their respective representatives through an appointment or voting process. 


The CES Policy Council
CES Guidance
The CES Policy Council Composition
LA Continuum of Care Policies
LAHSA Ad Hoc Committee On Black People Experiencing Homelessness