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LAHSA Winter Shelter Program List (English)
LAHSA Interim Housing List
Homelessness Statistics By City
Homeless Prevention Assistance Flyer
CES Access Point Directory
Form 2182 - Interim Housing Referral Form
Form 1448 - Self-Certification Of Homeless Status
Scope Of Required Services (Srs): Bridge Housing
Form 2199 - Observation Of Homeless Status Form
Scope Of Required Services (Srs): Crisis Housing
Coordinated Entry System Leadership Contact List
Form 1082 - Monthly Update Form
Scope Of Required Services (Srs): Supportive Service Only
2017 Coordinated Entry System (Ces) Expansion For Individuals, TAY Individuals And TAY Families
Adult Prevention Targeting Tool - Spanish
Form 1306 - CES Survey For Individuals Survey Packet
CES Policy Council Agenda: November 2019
Heap - Public Input On Interim Housing
Guidance: Interim Housing, Extensions And Length Of Stay
Form 1085 - Asset Declaration Form