The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count

2013 Summary

  Total Unsheltered Sheltered
LA County 39,463 25,136 14,327

Household Type

  Total Unsheltered Sheltered
Individuals1 31,873 10,241 20,811
Family Members2 7,590 4,967 2,623
Youth3 821 105 716


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This homeless count data is based on point-in-time information provided to HUD by the Continuum of Cares (CoCs) located in the County of Los Angeles. The LA CoC, Glendale CoC, Long Beach CoC, and Pasadena CoC submitted the data below in the 2013 application for CoC Homeless Assistance Programs. CoCs are required to provide an unduplicated count of homeless persons according to HUD standards. HUD has conducted a limited data quality review but has not independently verified all of the information submitted by each CoC. The reader is therefore cautioned that since compliance with these standards may vary, the reliability and consistency of the homeless counts may also vary among CoCs. Additionally, a shift in the methodology a CoC uses to count the homeless may cause a change in homeless counts between reporting periods.

1 This category includes single adults, adult couples with no children, and groups of adults.

2 This category includes households with one adult and at least one child under age 18.

3 This category includes persons under age 18, including children in one-child households, adolescent parents and their children, adolescent siblings, or other household configurations composed only of children

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