Sunday, October 04, 2015

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Parking Information (Click to open)

There are several parking options. Below is a list of parking lots with approximate daily charge.

This information is provided as a courtesy; All parking prices are subject to change without notice. LAHSA does not validate for parking.

Parking Lot Name Address Cross Street Rate
STANDARD Parking 616 Figueroa Street Between Lebanon Street – Figueroa Street $27.50
The Pegasus Garage ** 612 S. Flower (On Wilshire between Flower Street & Hope Street) $7
ATHENA Parking 725 S. Grand Avenue Between (w) 8th Street-(w) 7th Street $7
UNITED Valet  Parking 757 S. Flower Street Between (w) 8th Street-(w) 7th Street $7
ACE Parking 646 S. Flower Between (w) 7th Street – Wilshire Boulevard $12.50
STANDARD Parking 833 S. Flower Street Between (w) 9th Street-(w) 8th Street $12
JOE’S Auto Parks 726 S. Figueroa Street Between (w) 8th-(w) 7th Street $12

**At the Roosevelt, validated parking hours are from 7:00am – 11:00pm.  If you need to use this lot outside of parking hours, please call the security office at (323) 216-0438 for access.  Non-validated parking for guest and staff of LAHSA will be a flat rate of $7 if you mention LAHSA to the parking attendant. The Pegasus Garage sits directly behind Primo Café before you get to the Wells Fargo building.  LAHSA validations will be honored at this new parking structure.

Public Transportation (Click to open)

The office is located near the 7th St. /Metro Center/Julian Dixon stop, a hub for the Blue, Red and Purple lines